Rolling, rolling, rolling

As time rolls along and we’re in the middle, yes the middle, of the year, I find the stack of things to do growing and the time to do them shrinking. So what’s on the plate?

  1. Polymer clay how-to videos for our copper domes
  2. Creating pins for the IPCA retreat
  3. Creating Earrings, Pins, Pendants for the IPCA retreat
  4. Photographing new items for posting on Etsy
  5. Listing new items on Etsy
  6. Writing 2 articles for The Polymer Arts Magazine
  7. Shoot and edit photos for the articles for TPA
  8. Writing more blog posts HERE
  9. Setting up and learning to use my new sewing machine
  10. Writing up tutorials for using my kits and tools
  11. Cleaning out 2013 files in the office
  12. Finishing up Bottles of Hope
  13. Prepping demo and materials for pumpkin jewelry demo for DAPCG
  14. Learning to use PhotoShop
  15. Opening 2 new shops online with ArtFire and Handmade Artists
  16. Produce more polymer leaf designs
  17. Making LARGE hollow forms in polymer clay
  18. Setting up my blog post schedule
  19. Reworking banners and forms
  20. And on and on…….

So what am I doing today? My grandson Max is due any minute and we are gonna clean, and then PLAY!

What I don’t know, but the next article for The Polymer Arts Magazine is going thru it’s final tweaking before I send it in. The next issue is centered around Play, so my article is on having a Personal Play Day!



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Comments on “Stealing Talent”

ID-10032784You never know how far your reach is when you write something, but I’m always blown away when I get reports from even one person who appreciated my writing. It seems this most current article, Stealing Talent in The Polymer Arts Magazine resonated with many people.

Here’s what they said:

On Facebook Randee M wrote: “Absolutely agree, Iris Mishly! this issue is just packed with things that interest and intrigue me-Linda Stiles Smith’s article on copying is one of the best I’ve seen on the subject, Lorrene Baum-Davis’ tutorial is one of those –why didn’t I think of that! moments–the eye candy is just amazing…..this staff finds the good stuff. All of us have needed this kind of in-depth information.”

Also from Dan Corimer’s newsletter:

“Also in the Spring 2014 issue of TPA, Linda Stiles Smith presents her summary of research, ideas, and guidelines around the issues of copying and accreditation in her article, ‘Stealing Talent.’ There’s a related post on the Daily Polymer Arts Blog, and blogger Harriete Estel Berman (ASK HARRIETE) continues to advocate for higher ethics in the arts, providing lots of info and insight to keep this important discussion going. Have you joined in? It’s not too late to speak up and add your voice to the conversation.”
My latest article in print!

My latest article in print!

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Challenge Winners Announced!

Once upon a time there was a company that decided to challenge all the many, many artists who use their tools to create something different, and creative, and well, using their tools in new and exciting ways.

Enter the Lazee Dazee Tool! A masterful tool created by Stepahanie Edy to make making viking knit super easy to do! I’ve been a devotee ever since I first saw the tool. It’s totally relaxing fun to weave wire into a knitted cord for adding to any jewelry design. I’ve added it to several of my jewelry designs in both fine silver and colored and copper wires. There is no end to what you can do with it!

Periodically I also teach the technique at BeadStash in Kettering Ohio. You can learn online, and Stephanie has very good photo directions for using the tool, but there is nothing like having someone peeking over your shoulder to affirm that Yes, you are doing it correctly!

Back to the Challenge. Stephanie offered a kit of materials to use to either

The cab that was required in the finished design.

The cab that was required in the finished design.

copy her design, or create your own, with the stipulation that you had to use the focal cab in the challenge design. Talk about an artists block! I don’t usually feel very creative when there is a specific part that needs to be included. I felt like a dry well for a very long time — and the deadline was approaching!

To be honest I don’t do much really creative viking knit. I like simple and straightforward. That’s what works in my designs, is easy to do, and more relaxing (no mental drain there). But suddenly (as usually happens) I had an epiphany!  A bracelet design came to me while I was playing with my polymer clay. (Working with polymer clay is always play to me.)


It morphed into a necklace cause I couldn’t keep the whole design small, but I think it is really stunning! I guess the judges did too because it captured a spot in the top 5 awards! Honorable mention isn’t too shabby for my first shot at a polymer clay/viking knit competition.


"Creative Burst" won Honorable Mention in the first Lazee Dazee Challenge in Dec 2013

“Creative Burst” won Honorable Mention in the first Lazee Dazee Challenge in Dec 2013


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