Holiday Jewelry Sales moving to Facebook Shop

Holidays are special days for me. I savor the sights and sounds of the season….and often get lulled into the plotting and planning and forget to take action! So here we are November first and I’m just starting to think about my boxes of jewelry that are NOT going to shows this winter.

So I decided to bring the show to YOU – virtually!  This site isn’t commerce ready so in the past items have been listed on Etsy. This fall I have decided to dedicate Etsy to all clay tools. So where did the jewelry go? Today and all the rest of this week it will be going onto Facebook on the Naturescapes Studio page where shopping is enabled so that you don’t have to go anywhere else!

If you grab them fast you get FREE SHIPPING! But watch for other specials during the next weeks up to Christmas. I’m clearing out this years designs getting ready for some NEW NEW NEW Collections coming next year on my BRAND NEW WEBSITE!

Click here to go directly to my page! Naturescapes Studio


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Get Ready!

About the only thing we can be sure of is that there will always be change. Sometimes really BIG changes face us, sometimes big changes without such earth shattering import.

One big change that is in the works is the home base, website presence and online identity of Naturescapes Studio, aka Linda Stiles Smith Art! We are working on filling out the details and much will be changing soon.

One big change will be this website. We are moving over to a fully functioning commerce site where you can see and purchase our one of a kind art!

Another big change is the Etsy shop will be changing names and will focus on our unique creative tools as well as the addition of tutorials for all of our creative friends!

Watch for the news as we will be getting our email news blasts out soon to let you know what is happening.

See you on the flip side!

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Looking for tools?

If you come here looking for tools ……. you will find them on my Etsy shop – Superfluity Shop.

It’s our special place to show and sell all of our own tool designs and helpful items we have found for anyone working with metal clays and polymer clays……and even a few other crafts! (Nobody does just ONE craft do they?

Here’s the link:


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