Packing up the Car and hitting the Road Again

It’s hard to stay away from the shows. There is so much energy there and people to meet and share with that I’ve decided I have to jump back into the car and hit the road. On a limited basis anyway. We’re getting ready for the ODC Winterfair in Nov in Cincinnati/Covington and Dec in Columbus. Will we see you there?

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Times, They are a Changing…….

I have had a love-hate relationship with the internet for a while recently.

I love the information available. I love the visual smorgasbord that is changing every day. I love the connections with people all over.

I hate the way it zaps my time and energy every day. I hate the pressure I put on myself to STAY connected to everything that is going on on-line. I hate that I can’t keep up!!!!

It isn’t about age, or ability, or experience. It is just about choices.

Over the last year we, Dale and I, have had many choices and changes to our lives. We moved our home and studio, we hope, to allow us to stay happier and healthier for many more years to come. In the chaos of it all, I have done some stopping to think, some re-starting goals and activities, and some listening to what some very talented advisors have to tell me.

While all change is a struggle, today I can honestly say that I see the light ahead. I’m having fun making new and exciting designs in jewelry and home decor. Once again, I’m searching for those few, select events where I can bring out my designs and share them with you. (So if you have any you think would be a good fit, let me know!) And I want to thank, and promote the people who are standing by me and helping me in making the changes and transitions that are so important to a small business person these days.

First off, we have a new look that is slowing rolling off the creative desk of Kevin Alan Designs! He is the technical and creative genius behind the on line presence of Partners in Charms – – and now Naturescapes Studio!

What do you think of our new banner on Facebook?



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Rolling, rolling, rolling

As time rolls along and we’re in the middle, yes the middle, of the year, I find the stack of things to do growing and the time to do them shrinking. So what’s on the plate?

  1. Polymer clay how-to videos for our copper domes
  2. Creating pins for the IPCA retreat
  3. Creating Earrings, Pins, Pendants for the IPCA retreat
  4. Photographing new items for posting on Etsy
  5. Listing new items on Etsy
  6. Writing 2 articles for The Polymer Arts Magazine
  7. Shoot and edit photos for the articles for TPA
  8. Writing more blog posts HERE
  9. Setting up and learning to use my new sewing machine
  10. Writing up tutorials for using my kits and tools
  11. Cleaning out 2013 files in the office
  12. Finishing up Bottles of Hope
  13. Prepping demo and materials for pumpkin jewelry demo for DAPCG
  14. Learning to use PhotoShop
  15. Opening 2 new shops online with ArtFire and Handmade Artists
  16. Produce more polymer leaf designs
  17. Making LARGE hollow forms in polymer clay
  18. Setting up my blog post schedule
  19. Reworking banners and forms
  20. And on and on…….

So what am I doing today? My grandson Max is due any minute and we are gonna clean, and then PLAY!

What I don’t know, but the next article for The Polymer Arts Magazine is going thru it’s final tweaking before I send it in. The next issue is centered around Play, so my article is on having a Personal Play Day!



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