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As the owner of Naturescapes Studio, Linda artfully styles collections of jewelry and decor for you to brighten your world with the essence of nature - for the creative spirit!

Maidenhair Path Earrings

Woodland Voices Collection

What are your remembered moments in nature? Ivy, a lover of nature, has walked the woodlands for many years and listened to the voices that have whispered to her. She has shared her stories and experiences with me. Together we have created a collection of fine silver jewelry that we hope captures the essence of nature for you. Follow Ivy's journey in the stories of each piece!

Maidenhair Path Earrings

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Maidenhair Path Earrings


Ivy's story continued . .

Fern and Laurel were never close friends. Tall and churlish, Laurel’s canopy towered over Fern’s delicate fronds below.  They never spoke to each other though they were interconnected in the earth.

One day, the wind shook Laurels leaves allowing the sun to spill through onto Fern’s bed. Laurel gasped at the brilliance at her feet. The contrast of the rough woody bark against the bright silvery fronds made Laurel feel like she was wearing Cinderella’s glass slippers!

From that day on they were inseparable.

Do you believe in fairy tales?.....get your Maidenhair Path Earrings and share your brilliance.

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  • 99.9% fine silver dangles
  • sterling silver ball posts and clutch
  • contrast texture surface
  • graceful elongated shape
  • 1 1/4" drop