Miniature Round Clay Punch Cutters™

Miniature Round Clay Punch Cutters™

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Clay Punch Cutters™ are brass tubes in multiple shapes and sizes to help you be more creative in your clay designs! Where do you start when designing new pieces? With our best seller the ROUND Clay Punch Cutters! Create even, clean round holes in clay with little clean up. Speeds up the design process greatly!


  • R1 - Round #1 - 2 1/2" long - 1mm hole

  • R2 - Round #2 - 2 1/4" long - 2mm hole

  • R3 - Round #3 - 2" long - 2.5mm hole

  • R4 - Round #4 - 1 3/4" long - 3.5mm

  • R5 - Round #5 - 1 1/2" long - 4mm


- Brass milled in the USA

- Convenient lengths

- BOTH ends filed for quick, clean cutting

- Smallest sizes available - Handmade to exacting standards

- Makes a Hole - AND ALSO AN APPLIQUÉ!

Every Round CPC™ have brass plungers that fit perfectly to expel a nice round appliqué with NO dots or holes in them! Graduated sizes function as plungers for a complete set OR you have the option to purchase a cutter + the corresponding plunger for each round cutter when buying single cutters. The Plunger Set is also available separately.

  • BONUS! Organza storage/carry bag with purchase of 3 or more cutters

  • BONUS! Cutter Tracker Card -- keep track of your collection

  • BONUS! - Signature tag on all organza bags Save more and buy the set of round CPC™!

Check out this video for ideas on how this tool can work for you!

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