Brass KeyStone C shapes - CPC™ SHAPES

Brass KeyStone C shapes - CPC™ SHAPES

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CPC™ SHAPES is joining the family of Clay Punch Cutters™ providing an endless source of design inspiration for clay artisans everywhere!

The new KEYSTONE CHANNEL shape is the distinctive C that creates interlocking and bricklayers patterns.

MOKUME GANE just got more interesting! The 2" length enables you to push the shape design thru a 1 1/2" billet with control so that the pattern exists on the bottom as well as the top. The longer length gives you a grip so you can better control your impressions.

Hand-cut, each 2" (5cm) tool is finished to give you a clean impression into any clay. A light touch will leave a distinctive design that can be replicated across the surface. Cutting straight thru will leave an openwork pattern much like lace. (Clean up the cut on the back side by inserting the cutter into the cut from the back to make it more pronounced.)

HUNDREDS of design possibilities! Repeating one shape will make a nice edge design. However YOU CONTROL the size and placement of each impression. Unlike a roller tool or a edge stamp, you can mix the sizes and shapes to come up with your own signature pattern!


  • 1/4" - C4 - Grande

  • 3/16" C3 - Large

  • 1/8" C2 - Medium

  • 1/16" - C1 - Small

$4.75 EACH Set of all 4 $18.50 (a $19.00 value)

>>BONUS! - Tracker Card to record your collection of CPC™ Shapes

>>BONUS! - An organza storage bag with every purchase of 4

>>BONUS! - A signature tag with every purchase of 4


Add the Collectors Box to store and transport your WHOLE collection!

***Note: Although the ends are not razor sharp, use care when pushing any metal with a bare finger......cover your finger tip with jewelers tape to protect it if needed!

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