Clay Punch Cutters™ - Round Plunger set

Clay Punch Cutters™ - Round Plunger set


Push the clay out of your Clay Punch Cutters™ with plungers perfectly matched to each round + the #1 square cutter! These plungers are sized to work with each of the 5 sizes of our round cutters.

Plus we are excited to have found a SQUARE rod that fits the first square CPC™ that is also useful in some of our smaller designer shapes. Using the plungers to remove cut clay will preserve the shape and surface of the cut-out so it can be used as a blemish free appliqué. Hint: get a two needle Budsetter Tool to pick up and place the cut out shape WITHOUT making unwanted holes in the clay!

All of the plungers are 2 3/4" long and come in a handy storage tube. These are hardened brass, not wire, so they will not bend without force! Especially the smaller sizes.

We have filed and smoothed the ends to make them useful as precision plungers as well as dotting in the clay.

PLEASE NOTE: this listing is for the for plungers only, cutters to be purchased separately.

AND If you are working with metal clay YOU MUST REMOVE THE CLAY FROM THE CUTTER RIGHT AWAY! Believe me, if it drys and hardens in the brass tube, it is very, very difficult to get out!

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