Complete Photopolymer Stamp Making Kit

Complete Photopolymer Stamp Making Kit


This photopolymer stamp making kit features the supplies needed so you can make your own designs into stamps for creating or embellishing your clay creations.


  • 3" Backer support board - 3"

  • Smooth edged glass topper

  • 2 - 3" Spacer foam sheets -

  • 2 Strong Clips

  • Full instruction sheet

  • 8" x 10" Transparency sheet for ink jet printers

  • 4.125" x 5.75" Photopolymer Sheet

Gathering the right supplies to make your own photopolymer plates can be challenging. I've put together a kit to make it easy. Instructions for making ppp plates and stamps is included - so get all the correct tools in one easy!

Kit comes with a smooth edge wood base, several pieces of foam spacers and a rounded corner piece of clear glass. (My hubby Dale makes sure they are safe for use.) 2 bull dog clips secure the sandwich, to which you will include your photopolymer plate and transparency of your artwork, for placement under a UV light source for exposure. Just two clamps are all that is needed for a tightly clamped package with these type of clips.

NOTE THAT THE CLIPS MAY VARY FROM THOSE SHOWN BUT YOU ARE ASSURED THEY WILL WORK! Most UV lights don't have enough space for clips all around, so the edge without the clip will be faced to the back of the unit.

This set is 3" square for plates up to 2.75". Be sure to measure your UV light box opening to be sure it will fit inside! With clips attached the sandwich is 5.5" across. If you place your artwork selectively when printing on the transparency you will be able to reuse the sheet in your printer for additional artwork more than once. PLUS! You get my knowledge and expertise making your stamp whenever you have a question - just ask!

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