Clear Acrylic Brayer/Roller

Clear Acrylic Brayer/Roller


The workhorse of polymer clay tools, the 4" clear acrylic brayer's hard surface and metal handle enables you to exert maximum pressure on what you are rolling with minimum force.

+++++++WHAT CAN IT DO?+++++++

- Great for impressing texture sheets into the clay with even pressure.

- Smoothing an adhering a flat clay sheet to a hard surface (with a little Bake & Bond between)

- Shaping and condensing a MOKUME BILLET (a'la Ellen Prophater) in preparation for slicing

- Conditioning assist by rolling out a block of clay making it thinner before running thru a pasta machine

- Wherever you need to roll something out, this will do it!

Solidly constructed, the metal handle and clear roller won't come apart or break with normal use. Clean with a hand wipe WITHOUT ALCOHOL or soap and water and allow to air dry before storing. Don't be without it!

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