Remembered Moments Keepsake Necklace

Remembered Moments Keepsake Necklace


 This stunning one-of-a-kind piece has been accepted to several exhibitions in the USA earning recognition for it's design and uniqueness.

  • 99.9% fine silver with pine trees in relief and antiqued details

  • 24k gold sun

  • domed tinquate cabochon in on trend kale green from Russia

  • 4.5" high x 1 1/4" wide pendant

  • 20.5" hand made viking knit cord

  • hand forged sterling silver hook clasp

  • message on back - "We do not remember days, we remember moments"

The pendant is almost 4.5" long and 1.25" wide. The viking knit cording is about 20" long.

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"How can I possibly remember all my days?" Ivy thought as she walked. Aren't all vacation days special?

Along the rocky shoreline weathered brown vines wove in and out and around each other. Large boulders provided ample seating options. The silvery moss peppered the pockets of green tinguate stone exposed by the waves and wind.

 Ivy picked her way from tabletop to tabletop until she found the right spot. Breathing in the crisp clean air she was alone to reflect. Slow waves rolled into the rocks with a steadiness that matched her heartbeat. In the north country pines were common often forming a dense backdrop along the narrow shoreline.

The descending sun was warm on Ivy’s back. Shielding her eyes she gazed out across the vast inland sea, slowly turning towards the west.  Her gaze rested on two tall white pines clinging to an overhanging rock. As she shifted to take in the majesty of the trees the brilliant gold sun kissed the tiptop of the branches.

THAT’S IT! Ivy exclaimed. It’s not that we don’t remember days. But we remember  moments that are special and imprint on our minds.

Stop time…….this necklace can be your Remembered Moments keepsake.

"We do not Remember Days   We Remember Moments" struck me as such an appropriate line when I think of the many days that go by in a blur. It is that one single, stunning moment that we remember when the day is gone. I thought this reminded me to consciously note those moments to remember. 

So with that I designed a signature pendant to keep that thoughtfulness visible. The fine silver base has hand sculpted trees on the front and the verse on the back. A fine silver bezel holds a beautiful Tinguate stone from Russia. The bright golden orb over the trees is 24k solid gold incorporated into the bail thru which the handcrafted viking knit wire cord is strung. The clasp is hand forged sterling silver hook and eye. A collector's piece.

© 2017 Linda Stiles Smith