Follow Your Heart Keepsake Necklace

Follow Your Heart Keepsake Necklace

  • 99.9% fine silver

  • 10g raw moldovite - certified museum grade

  • hand strung jade heshi, hematite & freshwater pearl neck cord

  • sterling silver hook clasp with 2" adjustable chain

  • hand colored detail

  • "Follow your Heart" on back

  • 22.5" - 24" necklace

  • 2"h x 1.5"w pendant

  • Certificate of authenticity included

Moldovite is becoming more rare and obtaining a raw specimen in the shape needed for my designs has led me to a few suppliers who deal directly with the miners and certify the gems. I love designing with them, but only create a few a year. I will accept orders for this basic design as a custom order. Please contact me for details.

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 MOLDOVITE is the result of a meteor strike that occurred nearly 15 million years ago in the Moldavia River Valley in what is now the Czech Republic. It is an extremely rare gem and there are only a few localities where it can be mined in quantity. Classified as a tektite, Moldovites' color varies from a gray green to an emerald. Tektites are formed when a comet or meteorite collides with the earth with such force that melted rock is "splattered" into the upper atmosphere. Here the droplets cool and harden into the characteristic shiny glassy shapes. Moldovite stone is the ritual stone for integration of body, mind and spirit and can be a great catalyst for change. even if a being is simply in possession of it.