Have you ever taken an air bath?


Somewhere in the vast amount of information that has traipsed across my brain I remember a little note about Benjamin Franklin. He liked air baths.


Yep, he would sit outside, on his roof, totally naked, soaking in the air, at night. At least that is the picture in my mind which is conjured up when I read this tid-bit about Ben. It sticks with me to this day. Is it real? I don't know at this point, but this is the scene in my head every time I think of just BEING out in nature away from people and things and the stresses of life. 

These days we have air polution alerts where everyone is warned NOT to be outside between this and that hours due to the bad quality air. Common in the summer if you live in or near a big city. Not conducive to air bathing. Certainly not healthy.

Between Ben Franklins day and this century there is one thing that remains true even if you do it  in a small neighborhood park or in a national forest. Sitting outside and soaking in the air and sounds and smells of summer is good for the soul.  But I think what is good for the soul is also good for your health. It isn't a time to DO anything. Rather it's time to just BE. 

Be the birds flying from tree to tree. Be the clouds floating overhead. Be the wind as it rustles thru the leaves. Be the flowers reaching up to the sun. Be the earth damp with dew. Be the trickling  of a stream over rocks. Just BE.

Why not join me on the swing for a leisurely air bath today?