What is inspiration fridays?

Sometimes one of my best friends claims she is in awe of my creativity. She wishes that she could "make art" like I do. But what is really at the core of her desire? Very busy people often feel unable to tap into their inner powers. 

In my case I quit my job at a banking company in 1993 and never looked back. (Well maybe once or twice when the economy is down.) I tapped into that creative well and it has just been constantly flowing every since. I went to art school. But not everyone can, or wants to. 

Everyone has some creativity within them. It comes out in different ways at different times. It's a process that anyone can start and work on. Following a few art coaches online gives me insight into what most people feel about artists - that it's a foreign world that they will never be a part of. NOT TRUE! 

One of those coaches that I have followed for several years is Leslie Riley and she has come out with a new program that you can do at home and fit into your schedule, for way less than an art school tuition. I thought I would share it with you on Inspiration Friday. If you feel compelled to tap into your creative side.....it might be just what you need!

What Leslie says: 

"From an early age I had a creative desire so strong and persistent, yet I wasn’t acting on it. Creativity experts would have chalked it up to fear and resistance. A little voice inside that I learned to recognize as my intuition, my inner knowing, knew there also had to be something else keeping me from my creative dreams. I threw myself into studying the creative process, art, artists, art history – you name it. Theoretically, I knew how to ease and appease this very real, very persistent creative yearning, yet, I was still immobile. I felt powerless. 

Then, I came to understand the problem: Creativity is a natural process but it doesn’t always come naturally. And that realization changed everything." 

If you feel like my best friend, I encourage you to click on the link and read (and watch the 3 min video) of what Leslie has to say about

Closing the Creativity Gap. 


Don't hesitate too long! Enrollment time is limited. I do not support or endorse any programs or presenters. This post is strictly for information only.