Have you met Ivy yet?

Once upon a time . . .

Well, it sounded good didn't it! Truthfully, I had never thought of my jewelry work as a collection before. At least not until I started working with my business coach. It took some time going thru the steps and taking lots of notes and building colors and fonts and other techie stuff for the online Naturescapes Studio before one day it all finally jelled in my brain. 

AT that point I realized that my collection of fine jewelry designs really was a COLLECTIONAs I worked to make each piece and prepare it all to list on the website the story of the work started to form in my mind. Each piece was related in some way and each had it's own moment to describe. 

Then Ivy took over the story. There was always someone sharing my journey along the woodland path and sitting by me at the work bench. I knew that Ivy was that someone. It was when I started to follow her story thru my work that we became friends. Ivy understood what was the essence of the forest. She knew the moments that were special and needed to be captured. She could hear the voices that floated thru the trees and whispered in the leaves. 

Ivy's story is shared with each piece of jewelry in the Woodlands Voices Collection. Ivy's story could be your story. Every woodland path leads to a special place, a special expereince for each of us. Read on to discover what part of our journey is familiar to you. Re-capture your special moments to remember. 

Together Ivy and I offer the Woodland Voices Collection for the Creative Spirit in YOU!