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As the owner of Naturescapes Studio, Linda artfully styles collections of jewelry and decor for you to brighten your world with the essence of nature - for the creative spirit!

Clean-up in progress!

...for the Creative Spirit!

Come into my studio and have a cup of tea with me!

We can sit a while and talk about what a creative life is like and how our creative spirit is expressed through what we surround ourselves with. Make it beautiful things and good people and you'll always feel at home. 

Clean-up in progress!

Linda Smith

Clean up never seems to end - when one season ends and another begins, there is something that needs cleaning up! 

Right now the clean up outside is underway. gathering up the clippings a trimmings of preparing the trees and plants for new spring growth has begun......and never seems to end! Lawn mowing is now a weekly task for the next 6 months.

Similarly, I will soon begin the task of cleaning up the pages and settings here on the website. One thing I do know though, is that it will never be done! 

So please bear with me as I do the moving and cleaning that is always necessary this time of year. 

Happy Spring!