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As the owner of Naturescapes Studio, Linda artfully styles collections of jewelry and decor for you to brighten your world with the essence of nature - for the creative spirit!

...for the Creative Spirit!

Come into my studio and have a cup of tea with me!

We can sit a while and talk about what a creative life is like and how our creative spirit is expressed through what we surround ourselves with. Make it beautiful things and good people and you'll always feel at home. 

Putting It Out There

Linda Smith

Ever wonder how those pages and pages of information and stories in your favorite magazines get there? It takes a lot of people willing to write about their knowledge and thoughts and put it out there for you to read. And I mean a LOT of people. And a LOT of time.

I've been writing articles for magazines for over 5 years now. While many times I've been a regular columnist for one magazine or another, there is sometimes a different topic or two that I will write about. Don't know if I'm getting any better at it, but I have extended my reach into a different area. Fortunately some of the same things I wrote about in metal clay magazines are pertinent to polymer clay. It is all craft - and art.

I'm really happy to have started a relationship with The Polymer Arts magazine. My debut article was generously accepted by Sage Bray, editor even though it took some collaboration to get it to cover what she wanted to express about 'organics' in polymer.

If you don't now subscribe, I suggest you hop on over to the site and sign up  (so you can read my article of course!). The digital copies are really convenient (and cheaper) but it sure was nice getting a glossy copy in the mail this past week!

The Polymer Arts Magazine


Fall 2013 issue of

The 2013 Issue of The Polymer Arts magazine.  

The 2013 Issue of The Polymer Arts magazine.