Creative Stress

Everyday there are posts and emails and columns about creativity that catch my attention. Maybe it's because I'm looking for that information right now. It could also be that so many people are trying to come up with creative solutions to our world wide dilemma - finding a cure for our collective stress. There is always something that is so very important for us to be doing that we feel overwhelmed by the details and planning that is required. If only we could get everyone on board with our plans everything would work out, we'd be able to accomplish so much more and we could relax.     

At least that is how I've been feeling.

So naturally, I've been looking for creative ways to be in business and still be an artist. To create and BE creative have become separate goals. There is an element of creation in the every-day. Creating meals, creating a colorful and soothing environment, crafting letters and posts and listing items in my shops have been occupying my time. But BEING creative has become  a dehydrated plant like the ones that are starting to wither in the autumnal changes outside my Ohio home.

Creativity has to be nurtured and allowed to thrive. For many people it's as simple as doing the everyday activities  that make up the bulk of the day: choosing what to wear; putting food on a plate attractively; arranging pillows on the sofa; putting a plant on the porch. We need to savor every moment of it! It is creativity in it's base form.

Artists however have a special need to BE creative. Materials and supplies sit waiting for an inspired person to take them and mold them into something new and interesting. Sometimes, it's just the process of working with them that makes them become something different. The greatest fear an artist has is that they won't be able to BE creative. It takes time, and concentration, and time, and focus, and time......

Well, I guess you could say that for an artist to be creative, they have to allow themselves the time to put aside the everyday and get caught up in the process of creation. Not easy to do and definitely something that often causes STRESS.

This week a webinar topic caught my attention on this issue. Dr Helen Wood  says that we are experiencing a stress epidemic  as the CDC (Center for Disease Control) claims that 90% of all illness is caused by stress. She recommends journaling and active imagination journaling with meditation everyday to help eliminate the overpowering stress we are all feeling. I agree.

Have I done it? Well, I plan about you?