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As the owner of Naturescapes Studio, Linda artfully styles collections of jewelry and decor for you to brighten your world with the essence of nature - for the creative spirit!

Challenge Winners Announced

...for the Creative Spirit!

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We can sit a while and talk about what a creative life is like and how our creative spirit is expressed through what we surround ourselves with. Make it beautiful things and good people and you'll always feel at home. 

Challenge Winners Announced

Linda Smith

Reposted from 2013

Once upon a time there was a company that decided to challenge all the many, many artists who use their tools to create something different, and creative, and well, using their tools in new and exciting ways.

Enter the Lazee Dazee Tool! A masterful tool created by Stepahanie Edy to make making viking knit super easy to do! I've been a devotee ever since I first saw the tool. It's totally relaxing fun to weave wire into a knitted cord for adding to any jewelry design. I've added it to several of my jewelry designs in both fine silver and colored and copper wires. There is no end to what you can do with it!

Periodically I also teach the technique at BeadStash in Kettering Ohio. You can learn online, and Stephanie has very good photo directions for using the tool, but there is nothing like having someone peeking over your shoulder to affirm that Yes, you are doing it correctly!

Back to the Challenge. Stephanie offered a kit of materials to use to either

The glass button that was required to be in the finished design.  

The glass button that was required to be in the finished design.


copy her design, or create your own, with the stipulation that you had to use the focal cab in the challenge design. Talk about an artists block! I don't usually feel very creative when there is a specific part that needs to be included. I felt like a dry well for a very long time -- and the deadline was approaching!

To be honest I don't do much really creative viking knit. I like simple and straightforward. That's what works in my designs, is easy to do, and more relaxing (no mental drain there). But suddenly (as usually happens) I had an epiphany!  A bracelet design came to me while I was playing with my polymer clay. (Working with polymer clay is always play to me.)


It morphed into a necklace cause I couldn't keep the whole design small, but I think it is really stunning! I guess the judges did too because it captured a spot in the top 5 awards! Honorable mention isn't too shabby for my first shot at a polymer clay/viking knit competition.

"Creative Burst" won Honorable Mention in the first Lazee Dazee Challenge in Dec 2013

"Creative Burst" won Honorable Mention in the first Lazee Dazee Challenge in Dec 2013